The World of Repair

The realm of jewelry repair can be a confusing place. The terminology is vast, the ways to repair are numerous, and expertise is necessary. That’s where we come in.

Accidents can happen, and your jewelry can get damaged. You may have caught your ring on the filing cabinet at work, or maybe you bumped it “just right” getting out of the car. Sometimes there is a quick fix, and the work required is minimal, but other times there is more work to be done. For you, it could mean replacing the head (the part that holds your center stone), or building up a prong. It could even mean replacing a missing stone. Our goldsmiths have you covered.

Over time, gold can wear down, and your ring may require maintenance. Depending how you wear your ring, it can happen every 5-7 years. It may not be that often if your ring is platinum, or if you wear it less often. It could be more often if you happen to be hard on your jewelry. Maintenance can include building up prongs or tips holding any side stones, replacing the head, or building up the gold on the bottom of the ring when it starts to thin out. If you choose to insure your ring through a place like Jewelers Mutual, they may even cover the cost.

Repairs can be overwhelming, but we have the experience to help you understand what is being done, and what is best for your jewelry. Our sales staff is trained to know how to explain the repair process, and our goldsmiths have decades of experience restoring jewelry to perfection. We welcome questions anytime, so stop in, give us a call, or send us a Facebook message!

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